Marina Cortez is located in a place of wondrous natural bounty – and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we’ve incorporated environmentally friendly concepts in every phase of our design.

It starts where our marina meets the sea. Marina Cortez uses floating wave attenuators instead of fixed breakwaters. This enables a free-flushing system for ocean water, which effectively eliminates the potential for water stagnation and helps maintain the biological productivity and aesthetic value of a marina basin.

In addition, we use a Manta Ray anchoring system, which relies on anchors that are embedded and don’t involve heavy ground tackle dragging on the seabed. Manta Ray protects sea life and coral, and Marina Cortez is one of the few moorages in the world to use this environmentally superior system.

These are just a few ways we’ve incorporated “green” thinking into this facility. Here are some more:

Water Quality Assessment

Marina Cortez has established a program to continuously monitor the water quality of its basin.

Habitat Assessment

Construction of a new marina in any water body has the potential to disrupt aquatic habitats. We promote new habitats and expand habitats in the marina basin, and our docks provide nests and places shellfish can live. Because of our wave-attenuator design, water and tides are in continuous movement.

Shoreline and Streambank Stabilization

Erosion in any water body is a natural process that results when moving water and waves undermine, collapse and wash out banks and shorelines. Again, because we do not have a fixed breakwater or Boat ramps, ocean water runs freely through our marina basin; we do not have an impact on the shoreline.

Fueling Station Design

Marina Cortez features automatic shut-offs on fuel lines and hose nozzles, as well as a spill monitoring system that includes staff trained in fuel dock spill prevention, containment and clean-up procedures.

Petroleum Control

We promote the installation and use of fuel/air separators on air vents or tank stems of inboard fuel tanks, reducing the amount of fuel-spill potential.

Liquid Materials Management

We provide our clients with appropriate storage, transfer, containment and disposal facilities for liquid materials such as oil, harmful solvents, antifreeze and paints, and we encourage recycling of these materials.

Solid Waste Management

We also provide appropriate storage, transfer and disposal of solid waste, encouraging recycling. There is a designated pet area to control animal wastes.

Fish Waste Management

We promote fish waste management through a combination of fish cleaning restrictions, public education and proper disposal of fish waste. Our free-running water circulation in the marina basin assists in this area.

Sewage Facility Management

Marina Cortez has a pump-out and dump station, as well as restroom facilities, to reduce the release of sewage to surface waters. Our marina basin is declared a “no discharge area.”

Boat Cleaning

We offer a discount to our clients if they use bio-detergents and environmental friendly products; in addition, our decks and pontoons are cleaned with non-toxic products.

Boat Operation

The marina enforces no-wake zones to decrease turbidity, shore erosion and damages in the marina.